There are three tabs available for customization of your healing profiles:

  • Spell Healer allows you to customize which spells to cast based on multiple available variables.
  • Item Healer allows you to customize which items to use based on multiple available variables.
  • Condition Healer allows you to customize which spells to use based on your character's conditions

Advanced Healer

Configurable Alerts

Each alert rule can be set to either play sound, pause the bot functionality and force logout to the character list if any of the events described in the first column with the configurable value in the last column are true. Additionaly, you can add creature names that won't trigger the alert and change the values thresholds for the rest of alert rules.

You can have multiple Targeting Profiles based on character's vocation and level.
Each profile can be adjusted to your gameplay style by setting priorities:

  • Health - priorities monsters with the lowest health percent
  • Proximity - priorities monsters that are the closest to your character
  • Danger - priorities monsters that have the highest "danger" value set in the corresponding monster's configuration
  • Stick - priorities the current target until it dies

Moreover, there are several settings you can set for each monster set in Targeting List:

  • Avoidance - avoid being in front/diagonal of a targeted creature
  • Stance - reach the targeted creature or keep distance from it
  • Attack Mode - set between offensive, balanced and defensive mode
  • HP Range - attack the creature based on it's health percent

Targeting Profiles and Targeting List

Waypoints List, Tabs and Labels

Waypoints can be added based on 7 different actions:

  • Node - you can adjust the range of a Node to desired value and bot will automatically go to the next waypoint if your character enter the given range
  • Stand - goes to the exact position of a waypoint (which can be adjusted to go in any of 8 directions)
  • Action - uses the script provided in the Action column in the Waypoints List
  • Shovel, Rope, Machete - uses item based on the ID provided in corresponding text box in the settings at the waypoint's position
  • Use - uses the map item on a waypoint's position

Additionaly, you can have up to 8 different tabs with separate waypoints and move between them based on Actions you provide.

Persistent Scripts are executed periodically every specified amount of time until disabled.
Hotkey Scripts are only executed if the key you have chosen before is pressed.
You can quickly add, remove and edit scripts as well as save and load them from your disk.
Every script used will be embedded into the save file and loaded from it for the ease of sharing bot settings between users.
The Lua API documentation can be found here: OTClientBot Docs

Persistent and Hotkeys Scripts

Looting Destinations and Items List

Each Looting Item you want to be looted can be placed in separate Looting Destination to automatically move items to the configured containers.
Several options such as Looting Range and Looting Policy can be changed to better fit your character's gameplay abilities.
Furthermore, by selecting corresponding options bot can open the next backpack if the previous one is full, open every backpack at login and eat food from opened corpses.