OTClientBot v2.0.0-beta19b

This version should be compatible with almost every server using OTClient.

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Please remember to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 - 2019 x86.


Version 2.0.0-beta19 - 24th January 2022

  • Targeting:
    • fixed danger priority not working as expected
    • add a "*" (asterisk) to the monster name to search the specified phrase. for example: "Dragon*" will also target Dragon Lord, Dragon Lord Hatchling etc.
  • Cavebot:
    • fixed crash issue that could occur when 2 waypoints were placed at the same position
    • fixed waypoints not advancing properly to the next one
    • fixed map click not working on certain clients
  • Lua:
    • added "getCurrentWaypoint" that will return Position object of current selected waypoint
  • Additional:
    • bot's executable and dll file name will now rename to a random string on every update
Version 2.0.0-beta18 - 4th November 2021

  • fixed cavebot's walk delay setting not being loaded correctly
  • fixed issue where node would not process to next waypoint while being in desired range sometimes
  • fixed issue where the same persistent script could start multiple times overlapping eachother
  • fixed issue that caused the bot to be stuck on looting action indefinitely
  • fixed issue with g_game.useItemOnPosition that prevented using it on inventory item position
  • fixed g_game.move function not working at ntsw.pl
  • fixed key walking not working at saiyansreturn.com
  • LocalPlayer.getInventoryItem should now correctly return items from custom slots
  • huge optimisations for tile reading performance
  • overall major optimisations for reading game information from client
  • overall major bot performance improvements
  • added new lua table: g_things
    • g_things.getThingType(id) -- return ThingType object with corresponding id
  • ThingType object functions added:
    • getId -- returns id
    • isGround -- returns true if ThingType is ground
    • isContainer -- returns true if ThingType is container
    • isStackable -- returns true if ThingType is stackable
    • isNotWalkable -- return true if ThingType is not walkable
    • isNotMoveable -- return true if ThingType is not moveable
    • isBlockProjectile -- returns true if ThingType blocks projectiles from flying through it
    • isNotPathable -- returns true if ThingType blocks pathfinding
    • isPickupable -- returns true if ThingType can be picked up
    • setPathable(bool) -- sets ThingType's pathable attribute to desired state (true/false)
  • Creature object functions added:
    • getSkull -- returns Creature's skull
    • getType -- returns Creature's type
    • getShield -- returns Creature's party shield
    • getEmblem -- returns Creature's guild eblem
    • getIcon -- returns Creature's icon (NPC)
Version 2.0.0-beta17 - 23th May 2021

  • fixed memory leak that caused the bot to crash without an error after some time randomly
  • fixed bot not walking to corpse to open it with looting
  • fixed bot not opening corpse if it disappeared from screen
  • other looting optimizations
Version 2.0.0-beta16 - 24th Feb 2021

  • added automatic update downloader
  • fixed a rare bug that caused the application to crash while reading information from client
  • probably fixed a bug that makes the targeting crash the application
  • probably fixed a bug that makes the cavebot crash the application
Version 2.0.0-beta15 - 16th Feb 2021

  • fixed a bug that occasionally caused targeting and cavebot to crash the application
  • fixed a bug that prevented reading text and talk messages that contains special characters
  • fixed a bug that prevented reading creature names that contains special characters
  • removed TalkMessage and TextMessage userdata from lua interface (all of the scripts that you have used with those will stop to work)
  • added two game events (usage example in the next point):
    • g_game.onTextMessage(number mode, string message)
    • g_game.onTalkMessage(string name, number level, number mode, string message, number channelId, Position creaturePos)
  • added new lua functions:
    • connect(string class, string event, function callback) -- connects specific event to the lua callback function:
      • auto(100)
        connect("g_game", "onTextMessage", onTextMessage)

        function onTextMessage(mode, message)
          print("mode: " .. mode .. ", message: " .. message)
    • disconnect(string class, string event) -- disconnects every callback from the specified event
  • updated "Anti Idle.lua" to respect above changes
Version 2.0.0-beta14 - 10th Feb 2021

  • fixed a bug that sometimes prevented application from starting up correctly
  • fixed a bug that sometimes caused lua scripts to crash the application
  • fixed a bug that sometimes caused targeting to crash the application
  • added new lua functions:
    • g_game.buyItem(number itemId, number count, [bool ignoreCapacity = false], [bool buyWithBackpack = false])
    • g_game.sellItem(number itemId, number count, [bool ignoreEquipped = false])
  • added default libs that are automatically loaded with each script:
    • main.lua -- responsible for loading other default libs
    • table.lua -- contains various helper functions to work on tables
    • position.lua -- contains various helper functions to work on Position object
    • string.lua -- contains various helper functions to work on strings
  • added ability to select specific floor to read tiles from (Info & options tab)